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AlieraCare plans are built on an innovative cost-sharing model that is designed to streamline access to individual and family-focused healthcare choices without the costs and complexities of most one-size-fits-all traditional medical insurance plans. The Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) services provided by Trinity HealthShare are administered by Aliera Healthcare to ensure a seamless member experience. 

 AlieraCare provides individuals and families flexibility and cost-savings where visits and health events match 

the everyday needs of the average family. Over time, your needs may grow as your family matures, requiring 

further flexibility while remaining affordable when compared to similar market offerings. AlieraCare’s Bronze, Silver 

and Gold Plans offer a comprehensive range of care through enhanced Trinity HealthShare, Inc. services, which 

include unlimited Primary Care, Urgent Care, Specialty Care as well as sharing for certain pre-existing conditions and

cancer. Please see the list of comprehensive care plan highlights below

Enhanced Offerings:

  •  Cancer sharing available immediately
  • In and out-of-network sharing available
  • Unlimited Primary Care, Urgent Care & Specialty Care
  • Lower MSRA options
  • Specific sharing amounts eligible for pre-existing conditions
  • Home Healthcare & Hospice Services available
  • Maternity & Prenatal Sharing available
  • Prescription drug discount & reimbursement

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