Major Medical Enrollment


What events would qualify me for a Special Enrollment Period?

  o Discontinuation of a current plant that does not meet health care reform requirements

o Employer no longer offering group health insurance

o No longer qualify for government sponsored insurance

o Divorce or legal separation

o Change in full time employment status

o Termination of a domestic partnership or civil union

o Voluntary OR Involuntary termination of employment

o Death of parent or spouse

o Change in dependent status ( ie dependent child turning 26yrs old )

o Change in student status ( Graduating from College)

o You are gaining or becoming a dependent due to Marriage, Birth or Adoption of a child.

o Moving to a new state

o Return from Active Duty

o Release from incarceration

o Gaining citizenship or valid immigration status

IMPORTANT – You will not qualify for a special enrollment period if:

o You terminate coverage voluntarily

o Your coverage is terminated due to fraud or failure to pay a premium

o You lose coverage for Short Term Medical or fixed-benefit Insurance.